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You work hard every day--your vacation should be easy! At Dream Big Destinations, our goal is to take all the stress out of vacation planning, so you can relax and get to the serious business of having fun!

The best part is that our services are free to you! You won't pay extra, but you'll get a whole lot more out of your vacation experience with us taking care of the details! 

Whether your dream destination is Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, an amazing cruise, Disneyland Resort, a European tour, or anywhere else in the world, we can help--let's get started!

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How are your services free?

Our services are free to our clients because resorts pay us to improve your travel experience! There are no fees or surcharges added to your vacation--you'll pay the same rates as if you did all the work yourself, except we'll do the work while you relax and look forward to your trip!

How does booking with you work?

We'll start by learning about your vacation goals and preferences to help you choose a resort that fits your budget. Then we'll give you quotes to fit your budget, and once you've made a choice, reserve your resort with a refundable deposit as low as $200!

What can you help with?

Once your vacation is booked, the fun is just beginning! We'll help you choose restaurants, and even book them for you! We also help with itinerary planning, choosing extras your family will love, and even provide emergency assistance once your vacation has begun!

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